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Thanks for stopping by Our USA made Knives Website. Email your ideas for Special Orders and We can talk about it and get a projected date. Probably 90 days or more depending on my List. Or call me at 5303898491. First come first served.

Stay tuned for lots of new stuff for Hunters and outdoorsmen.

We make Skinning knives, Hunting Knives,Bowies,Camp Knife,Chef knife,Filet/Fillet knives,Tactical Knives and Katanas swords.

Major Update! We had a large tree fall on our house early January, but it's been repaired and we are up and running. Naturally no shop time and no knifemaking. Finally got power back, but inside house is a mess. Weather has warmed up now and it's great now. Call or email for open Summer Dates if you want a class this year. See complete info at link just above. See what my Amazing Pupils have done.

Ken WolfeMy name is Ken Wolfe and I'm a Knifemaker who uses Art, and Sculpting in my Knifemaking. I've been making Handmade Custom Knives/Knife with Special Carving for more than 27 years. years. I create One of A Kind Working Knives as well as a Collectable Knives using 154CM, ATS-34 & 440C and NEW S35VN Stainless Steels or 10XX Series, 5160, L6 Carbon Tool Steels and USA Damascus. I DON'T DO Fantasy Knives
Handle Materials are usually ( Stabilized if needed ) Exotic Burlwoods, Antler, Bone and some Man made Materials such as Micarta's and G-10/11.
All the Custom Handmade Knives in MY GALLERY are done completely by me in my shop in the Northern Sierras. All are Stock Removal. They are made with basic tools like, Belt Grinders ( I built it ) , Drills, Files. Some Makers have gone to making their custom knives faster with state of the art machinery like profiling with Water Jet or Plasma Cutters and using Mills and CNC and such to increase production and reduce costs. I'm not into cranking out a lot of Knives and do one of a kind Knives. I'm not interested in making Production Knives.

My shop is 12' from Our Home in the Northern Sierras, right off Interstate 80, among the pines and cedars on your way to Reno or North Lake Tahoe from Sacramento. Sacramento is down the freeway about 60 miles. Alta is a beautiful place to work and create. Weather has been wet this year and we need it. Our little town is called Alta, just a school, diner/ store, Firehouse. We are very near where the mules and rescuers left to rescue the Donner Party near Donner Lake. About 2000 people live here in Alta and it's 30 miles to the closest Red Light.

My interest in Custom Handmade Knives began more than 2 years ago while Engraving and Carving on someone elses knife. I wanted to make my own with a blade ground so that the engraving that I do on the blade would show a little better than the usual hollow ground blade and also keep a Strong Sharp Edge. A good Knifemaking friend and Mentor taught me how to make a great Convex Ground blade in the style of Bill Moran and Ed Fowler. I do Mostly Convex and some Flat Grinds. That friend and Mentor is Knifemaker Jim Sigg of Sigma Knives. See My Link Page.

Sorry to say Bill Moran and many others have Passed On. and will be sorely missed, but will be always remembered for their many contributions to the Knife World.

Be Sure and See our KATANA SWORD PAGES with our Contemporary Japanese Katanas of Damascus Steel or 9260/5160 Mono Carbon Steel. (Link Above and below)  



I enjoy Carving my favorite Animals: Wolves, Eagles, Buffalo, Elk; and also Deer and Bear. You'll find them here on Knives, Gunstocks, Antler Belt Buckles, Bolo Ties and Custom Walking Sticks/Staffs .

Most of my knives are one of a kind and don't hang around here very long, so Knives are not always available for immediate delivery. I'm pretty busy making "Specially Ordered" knives and rarely have knives in stock. I'm also a little slow. You may Special Order a Knife with or without Engraving.

You may Special Order anything that you see in My Gallery, with a choice of steel and Handle Material if possible. L6 Carbon Steel, 5160, 10XX series Carbon, USA Damascus, CPMS35VN, 154cm and 440C Stainless. 

       Personalize Yours or Order a Specially Engraved Knife for that special Person!  

I also like recycling good Carbon Steel for some of my knives, so I sometimes use worn out Ferriers (Horseshoers) Rasps, Large 3' Circular Sawblades (perhaps L6), New Auto Springs ( perhaps 5160 ) and Railroad Spikes. Handle material can be Antler, Bone, Exotic Woods or man made materials such as Mycarta's and G10. My Knives can be hand carved. I make Skinners, Hunters, Bowies, Daggers, Tactical Knives, Filet, (Fillet) Knives
On the following pages you'll find my Custom Handmade Knives   , as well as a  Special Report on Sharpening your knife

I do Gunstock Carving; and there's a link to my Gunstock Carvings ,  and more. 

Look around and enjoy. Order something and Come Back Soon.  Bookmark Page !

    All my Custom Handmade Knives carry a Lifetime Guarantee ( My Lifetime ) as long as they have not been abused. Used as a knife to cut and not to be used as a prybar. They carry a Lifetime Resharpening for a Return Shipping Fee of $10.00. Newly Purchased Knives may be returned within 7 days from receipt in original condition.

Personalized knives or Special Order Knives that cannot be readily resold CAN NOT be returned.

My Knives come with a Certificate of Authenticity, Serial # and are Personally Signed (Not Etched ) by me. Most Knives comes with a custom made sheath. Kitchen and Large Filet Knife Sheaths are optional.

We accept VISA, Mastercard by phone as well as PAYPAL.

Please Email with any questions. Email me here!

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