Knifemaking Testimonials



07/29/2016 Hey Ken, I just wanted to let you know that my girl's custom bushcraft knife showed up and it exceeded expectations by far. It is absolutely beautiful, razor sharp, and made exactly how I wanted it made for her. It fits perfectly in her hand and performs beautifully. She loves it. Thank you so much for the excellent communication through the whole process and making this the best anniversary gift I could have given her. I really hope to contact you again in the coming months to have another fine blade built! You have been a pleasure to deal with and I will be sending your web link to all my friends and family who love knives as well! Zeb
12-18-2014 Thanks so much for the knife, it is beautiful and I like the blade is different out at the tip. Is the blade made of old saw blades. Birgitte

08/24/2014 Hi Ken, Just wanted to let you know that it looks better than the picture. ( Stock Carving) I love the detail, better than I thought could be done. I couldn't be happier.

Thank You, Ken W.

12/20/12 Mr. Ken, I got the knives today, and they are beautiful ( Chef Knife & Droppoint Skinner )– just like they always are!! My husband always looks forward to getting another one of your knives each year. Thanks so much! I like how you send the certificate of authenticity with them now, I always had a hard time trying to remember what the handles were made of. I would like to see about ordering that Bowie knife for Mark’s birthday in February. Let me know if you would have time to get that one ready for me. Merry Christmas!! Thanks, Casey
11/09/12 Ken, Even though I am pretty sick, I went to the post office this morning. Glad I did. The parcel was the knife. BEAUTIFUL!!! I really, really like it. The blade pattern, the wood of the handle, the mosaic pin, all is great! Did I ask you to or can I sign up to keep track of what knives you have for sale. I want more. Again, I am very happy with the knife. Thank you so much, Dale Jones
08/27/12 Hi Ken, Received the knife on Friday, it is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much! Chase
09/01/12 Received the knife yesterday love it great work. Thanks Robert
08/09/12Hi Ken! I got the knife and he loves it. Thank you so much!
08/02/12 Hey Ken, This knife with the new sheath is a perfect 10 out of 10. What a great combo. Thank you very much for the trade. I look forward to ordering another knife from you in the future. Best regards, -Adrian
08/06/12 Hi Ken, The two carving sets arrived this morning - they are fabulous, many many thanks! I m sure they will last a lifetime. Gill UK
04/11/12 Ken, I received the knife today. Thanks so much for making those finishing touches… The knife will be well cherished and well used in all my outdoor adventures. Thanks again - Paul
04/08/2012 Ken, got the knife Monday. It is wonderful! I like the handle and all the detail work. Thank you very much! John
12/28/2011 ( Wolf Carved Belt Buckle ) its beautiful thanks.....
12-03-2011 Ken... I opened the box and was once again blown away. Matching Ken Wolfe Kitchen Set... WOW ! This really is your best work yet. You technique is some of the best I have ever seen. The Damascus finish is ART. All the best, Randy
11-20-2011 Ken, My Katana is lovely. Exceeds expectations. Thank you for making it. Best, Don
10/31/2011 (Trout Carved Elk Buckle) WOW!...........WOW!........WOW! I could not be more pleased. Thank you so much for doing this for me. I have the buckle at the office showing all my fly fishing buddies. Thanks again. Frank
10/26/2011 Hi Ken, thank you again for those knives, they are awesome. I am making some sheaths for them and I used your advice about wetting the leather first and getting the form, it makes it much easier!
1/15/2011 Hi Ken, Your Oak Leaves look great on my Stock. I would like you to rake some more onto it. If you think something else would look better, please call me. Thanks for the good work. Kenneth
12/21/2010 Dear Ken, Thanks so much for your help in getting me the Custom Knife I was looking for and couldn't find anywhere else. William
4/1/11 Ken, I received the knife today. It is more than I could have hoped for. Gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for making it for me and I will let you know how it works. Have a great weekend. Michael.
12/10/10 Dear Ken Thanks so much for your help in getting me the knife I was looking for and couldn't find anywhere else.
03/01/11 - I did receive both knives, and he loved them!! Sorry for not letting you know. He really liked the filet knife. We will definitely be getting more from you, they are so pretty & one of a kind. Thanks, Casey

01/03/2010 Ken, the sword is impressive. Its much nicer than the picture looked and extremely sharp. It was definately worth the wait. thanks for everything, I know it must have not been an easy request. Robert

Ken, I received the knife in good order. I gave it to my business partner for Christmas as he is a big time big game hunter. He was impressed with the quality of the knife and I am sure it will get some use. Happy holidays.

Ken, The knives got here Sat., but I just picked them up this morning. I just wanted to tell you that you do amazing work. Thank you very much and have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks Jayme

Ken, I have received the sword. Looks great! Thanks again for all of your input. -Mike

Hi Ken, I literally just walked in the door from our honeymoon. He LOVED the sword! and yes he did cut the cake with was quite a sight to see. I will send you a picture. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. Because of you, I am officially the coolest wife ever (all his married friends are jealous!). I'm sure that I will be coming to you in the future for anniversary gifts. Thanks again, and I'll be sure to send you the cake cutting picture! ~Megan

Ken, sorry I didn’t back to you sooner. Knife arrived Tuesday. That was fast. I really like the wolf paw engraving. Another great job. Thanks. Rodney

Hi Ken, (Wedding Katana) Yes it arrived earlier this week at my parent's house. I was finally able to open it yesterday. It's beautiful! It arrived in perfect condition and I'm very happy with it and can't wait to give it to rob at our rehersal dinner. I will send you a picture of him with it when I get a chance. Thank you so much again for all your hard work and patience! Megan

5/23/09 Hi this is Tim Davis the three finger skinner you made for my dad looks great i hope to get another one from you soon . Thanks a lot he will love it on his birthday you do a great job .Have a nice holiday weekend hope to speak with you soon.

1/03/09 sorry i have been out of internet access for the holidays. The swords did arrive. They look amazing. Thank you very much. -ashley

12-08-08 Hi Ken.... We have been out of town and the buckle is here and it is wonderful!!!! Thanks so much and I cannot wait to give this to Mike for Christmas! God Bless, Bobbi Kay

11-30-08 I really like the way you made this knife out of a ferrier's rasp. Very unusual and very good steel. I will keep this in my collection to pass on to my grandsons. Thanks so much ! Gary Nelson Austin, Texas

08-27-08 Ken, The knife is beautiful ! It is exactly what I wanted. Thanks for working with me on the design. That burl handle looks great. I also love the convex grind. The edge is razor sharp, and very strong. The design, materials, and workmanship are excellent. I would expect to pay much more for a knife of this quality. I will put it to good use this Fall. Thanks again, Mike
07-11-08 Damascus Droppoint Elk )Ken, I got the knife yesterday… You have truly outdone yourself. It’s a work of art and will be long treasured. Thank you. Randy
07-10-08 (Sawblade Filet Buckeye Handle ) knife arrived today. looks great. thanks again ken
06-29-08 hi Ken, I rec. my Wolf Walkingstick today. It's Perfect and I love it! Thank you very much!!!!! will cherish it..... Patti
06-09-08 Ken: I received the carving set and it turned out better than I had imagined. You are certainly a fine craftsman. If there are any certain instructions I should pass along regarding certain ways to sharpen, please let me know so I can write them down before I send the set to my friend. But from the looks of the knife, it will last forever. Thanks again, Spiro
06-08-08 (Carved Ironwood handle Folders ) I got the knives today and I love them. I turned them both to the side that said 20 years partners and then I added the brass plaque to the corner of the lower left glass. The charge of xxx.xx is much more than fair… I consider it a kind and generous way to do business. Please make me the Damascus knife ASAP. Please also see if you can get that mirror finish back on the file knife. I won’t sharpen it anymore. Promise Randy
06/07/08 ( Armadillo Folder ) Hi. I received the knife today and very happy with our transaction. The handles are really unique. I have nothing like it in my collection, so again I thank you. (after I play with it awhile it will receive a prominent place in my collection) Lanny
05-18-08 (3 Finger File Knife) Ken, I love my knife.. I really love it. Do you have more for me to buy ? Randall That size is perfect.
5/13/08 - This katana peforms like a dream. It's beauty and function are top of the line.I highly recommend Ken Wolfe's sword making ability. Thanks again Ken, Matt
5/2/08 - (Frontier Knife ) Ken got my knife yesterday. Another great job. I really like the way you engraved my name on the back side. Thanks so much. Rodney
4/30/08 - ( Small Rasp Droppoint ) Ken, Got it yesterday. Beautiful knife, thanks! Harry
(Rasp Tanto) Ken, I got my order Wednesday. Thanks so much. Once again you’ve done a great job. Please plan on making me one of those Large Hunters, with the Bear Paw engraving when you get back in town. I’ll check in with you in March. Rodney


( Damascus Drop point Skinner ) Hi Ken , I have been out of town for a few days and when I got home the knife was here. It is even better than the picture. It is Awsome !!! It feels real good in the hand . Thanks Tim

( 03/29/08 ) Ken, I received the walking stick a couple of days ago. You did a great job, Thank You !! Joel will love it. Take care, Paul
Hi Ken, I just wanted you to know that the walking stick arrived today and IT IS WONDERFUL. You really did a beautiful job and I know my son will love it. Your timing in finishing it and sending it to me was perfect too as his birthday is January 4th and that will be one of his gifts. I would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting a beautiful high quality product! Thanks! Betty

(Carved Deer on Elk Crown) 12/17/07 Ken, I got the buckle. I was shocked when it came in. I didn't think you'd have it ready that fast. What a surprise. Thanks. I think he will love it. Ginger
12/06/07 Ken, The Wolf Walking Stick arrived and it is magnificent...thanks much. al

11/25/07 Mr. Wolfe, I received the Frontier Knife on monday, and It looks great. You did a amazing job. I know he will be thrilled with it when I give it to him for Christmas. Thanks so much for all of you help. I know I will be ordering from you again in the future. Have a very Merry Christmas, Heather
( 8" Carbon Steel Fillet ) Got it. i like it.... thanks ken. Larry

11/05/07 “Ken thanks so much for my last order. You really out did yourself, this time. I Love the different materials you use, and your Knifes are as beautiful as they are functional. I’ve now purchased two Large Hunters, with the engraved Bear Paws, to give as gifts. Next order, I’m getting one for myself. Thanks again, Rodney”.

Ken, I got the knife and really like it. My son wants it. Can you send me a few pictures of any knives you have that are similar and give me prices. thanks Ed
Ken, Just a note to let you know we are very happy with the walking stick.
My wife's eye's bugged out when she saw her Carved initial's. Thank's a lot. Jeff and Theresa T

Dear Ken, Thank you for taking the time to email us. My wife loved recieving her gun as a wedding present. She was most appreciative of your awesome carving of our Safari for Christ logo. She managed to knock down a few pheasants and her first big buck. Thank you and God Bless your work. Sincerily Randy

Ken, Yes I've received the sword. Great work. It will definitely be the prize of my collection for some time. Not that I ever intend on selling it. All in all it was a pleasure doing business with you. -Adam
Ken The sword has arrived and it is very beautiful it is what I thought it would be. I am very pleased with it and can't thank you enough . I wish you the best and Thanks again Ryan

Ken: Just wanted to let you know that I received my knife today. It looks very good and feels good in my hand. I will have to give it a tryout on my next campout. Thanks: Byron

Ken, got my delivery on Monday. Sorry I hadn't gotten back to you earlier. All three Knives are just great. Had to ship the two off right away or I would have kept them for all for myself. Great job. Thanks.


Ken, I got the knives. They look great. Thanks again. Adam

Yes sir, I was out of the office last week and did not get it until this morning. The Knife is beautiful and I thank you very much. I will leave very positive feedback as soon as i get home this evening. Thank you. Brad
Mr Wolfe, WOW, cuts like razor blade !! Gorgeous saya ! Your did a fine job. It is Beautiful. Thank you so much for all your hard work Mr. Wolfe. Tony
Ken, The Wolf Walking Stick is absolutely perfect! Thank you so very much, Nancy
Ken, Mark loved the knife and was very surprised. I believe it is his favorite knife in his collection! You do very nice work, and I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future! Thanks, Casey

Ken, The sword is everything I was hoping for. My symbol was done perfectly. I am confident in your skills as a blacksmith and will gladly vouch for anything you are selling. If you ever have a customer that is weary about buying from you, don't hesitate to give them my number. I will do my best to assure them that your products are worth buying. Thank you again for all of your help as I am sure this blade will help me in my training. Thanks again, Dimitricus

Ken, I received the sword on Friday with no problems (it was a challenge to get through the wrapping - had to use my handy EXacto blade). Thanks for doing the leather wrapping. That looks great. The random Damascus pattern on the blade is very nice. Thanks again! ! Patty

Dear Mr. Wolfe: Yes I did receive the Katana and it looks great!. Thank you so much. I think when I return to the US from my contract in Afghanistan I may order one for myself, also. Thank you Danny Zanelotti

Dear Mr Wolfe, It's here! (Damascus Katana) Everything here was better than expected! I can't wait to give it to my master and see the look of amazement on his face. Thank you evermore and expect much more business in the future! If you want, I would be happy to be a referal for you as a satisfied customer for future businesses you have. I wish you much prosperity and happiness. Merry Christmas and Thank you again!! Sincerely, Ryan

Ken, I just returned from a business trip. The Katana arrived while I was traveling. Your skill and craftsmanship are readily apparent. The Katana looks great! I am very pleased with how it and the Saya turned out. I look forward to the opportunity to work out with the sword and integrate it into my Katas. I will certainly recommend you to my family, friends, and colleagues. Thanks again for the opportunity to purchase this one of a kind item! Best Regards Ron

Hi Ken, The sword is everything I wanted. Thank you.I have already taken it down to the dojo to play and am very pleased with the way it handles. Did you keep the measurements? i know we spoke of a traditional sheath, and I would love to have you make one with the braiding on the outside to match the grip. Is this doable? Thanks again. this is the type of weapon I have always wanted, and I am sure it will not be the last one I purchase from you.

Frances Marquez

Hi Ken, It looks absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to hold it. JS P.S. I got it (my Damascus Katana) and I love it, thanks a bunch.


Ken I love the rapier... and the person whom I am giving it is going to freak out. Thanks again for everything. The rapier is fantastic. I had envisioned the engraving of the names spanning the entire length of the blade, but when I saw the way it was.. I actually like it smaller.


Great Ken, the one knife was a gift and was a huge success. The other was for me and I love it. A true work of art. I would like to have another one made. I just need to find time to get the exact specifications.

Bill Johnson

TESTIMONIAL I think my favourites are that the blade of the knife is cut from a giant, circular saw blade, the handle is formed from giraffe bone from the Timbavati area of South Africa and the knife is personally engraved. This instrument is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and I participated in its design and construction from beginning to end from shaping to shipping from Wolf Mountain/Alta, California, USA to Lake Panache/Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. It is not his knife or my knife but rather our knife and it is a beauty. Thanks Ken Wolfe.

Jim Gougeon Thanks Again

Hello Ken, I recived my knife today Nov.3. It's a beautiful knife and it's more than I expected. Thanks alot and I will be placing another order in the future.

Bill Phillips.

Ken, Knife arrived today. It is great. Thanks. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future...... Chris...............

Receive the belt buckle & knife. They're both beautiful. You do very fine work. Thank you and have yourself a happy & blessed Christmas.

L. Mulder

Ken, I have had so many compliments on your work. It is a stunning piece of art and I wear it with great pride. Thanks again for creating such a beautiful bolo for me. Keith Bellchamber