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Special Orders are at 120+ days. I'd recommend placing your order now. It's first come first served. Email your enquiries or Call 5303898491.

Tsuka length can be your choice as well as Tsuba Type. Tsuka not traditionally done. Ask if that's important. First to Special Order comes first.

Welcome to our Custom Sword page. We know you have Lots of choices and we appreciate that you're looking here.

If you are expecting pages and pages of Swords, you won't find them here. You'll find a few examples of our CONTEMPORARY, Custom, Handmade, Japanese, USA Damascus & Mono Carbon (5160) Swords .They can't be beat for price and quality. We make them one at a time and we rarely have one in stock and ready for sale. Special Orders are fine.

Are Our Swords Battle Ready? ( Excuse this over used Term as some still search for this word. ) All The Hi-Carbon Steel and Damascus Steel (Pattern Welded) Katana Blades are built Tough and Solid from Quality Steel. We purchase them from Quality Maufacturers and also Grind them from billets of Brad Vice USA Damascus or 5160 Mono Steel Barstock.

They are built from one piece of steel from tip to tang. No Welded Tangs. Some Carbon Steel Katana blades are differentially heat treated. Some show a Subtle Hamon, not Polished They are Truly Strong Handmade Swords. No, our swords will not cut another sword in half. That's only in the movies. They are good cutters, Solid, well constructed and made with care in our shop. You have a Choice of Our Hand Carved Brass or Copper Tsubas or many others in blackened Steel. You may also furnish your own. There's a lot available out there. Tsuka can be a Impregnated Paracord Twist Wrap that has a great feel or a more tradition ITO flat cord wrap.

We also do Custom Work such as Rehandling, Sharpening Knives and Swords to you specs. (if possible) Also Custom Carving and Engraving to make your weapon one of a kind and Personalized. All our Sayas (Scabbard) are made with Hardwood. We make one a little stronger and a bit heavier than some as they are Hardwood and Beautufully Grained, Stained, Natural Finish. We don't do Gloss Black. Too easy to nick or scratch. Ours are very easy to touch up. We can make a Saya for Your Sword. Ask us about your Special needs.

You may Special Order most any of the Custom Swords seen here. Tsuka, Tsuba, Blade Length ( Usually 27"/28" or so ) and materials can be different within certain limits, but otherwise blade shape unchanged.  email me here


Ken Wolfe
Knifemaker Ken Wolfe, Grinding a Clients Custom Katana Sword.  

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A Specially Ordered Custom "Black Katana" . Mono-Steel 5160 Blade of 27 1/2". Tsuka 11" Blue Stingray underlayment with Black Cotton Ito. Furniture Dragon Theme. Black Cord Decorative Knots both ends Saya Specially Black. Special Order (SOLD). A similar one would be in the $900.00 range.

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A Specially Ordered Custom "Wedding Sword" Katana. Mono-Steel 9260 Blade of 28 1/2". Tsuka 11" flat red cord underlayment with Black Cotton Ito. Furniture Dragon Theme. Saya Specially Designed with Painted Dragon over Gloss White. ( Wedding Colors ) Special Order (SOLD). A similar one would be in the $900.00 to $1,000.00 range.

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A Little Different Chisa Katana. Damascus Blade 26 1/2", Tsuka 10 1/2" of Double Wrapped Black Cord with a Turks knot at the Black Iron Tsuba. Brass Buttcap. Saya Natural Red Elm Hardwood with a matching Cord Wrap. $750.00 + $25.00 shipping and insurance. (SOLD)

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28" Carbon Steel Bladed Katana (9260) with Hamon, Tsuka 10 1/2" Black Cotton Ito over Green Flat Wrap with Special Turks Head Knot below the Dragon Tsuba. Brass Butt Plate. Blade & Habaki Specially Carved. (SOLD!) This was a Special Order. $800.00 To Duplicate this Katana.

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Sample of a Special Order Custom Contemporary Katana. 27" Forged Carbon Steel Blade with soft spine and hard edge. 38 1/2" Overall Length with a Tsuka Length of 10 1/2". Tsuka- Black Ribbon over a red Flat Wrap. Brass Butt Cap and Brass below Tsuba. Tsuba. Custom 3/16" Thick, 3" Round Lazer Cut Steel. Red Elm Stained Saya with Matching Red/Black Wrap. Black Brocade Bag to keep the Special Katana in. All Custom work done in our Wolf Mountain Shop By Knifemaker Ken Wolfe. This type of Custom Sword can be Custom Ordered for you.

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Custom Handmade Contemporary Damascus Katana. Two Carbon Steels in 512 Layers of Random Pattern Welded Damascus. 41 1/4"" in total Length, Blade is 29 1/4", 1/4" thick at the Spine,1 1/4" wide at the Habaki and Distally Tapered to the tip. Heavy Tang forms the 11" Tsuka with Our Twisted Gold Cord Wrap ( cord is actually silver in color as lighting somehow made it look gold). Wrap may be Empregnated with Resin to hold it tight. It can not be broken down. Tsuba is Silver Steel in color as is the Butt Cap. Other Tsuba Options shown at LINK below. Comes with White Red Elm Hardwood Saya.

Priced at a Reasonable $875.00, which you could pay for a lesser plain carbon steel sword. Shipping & Ins. $30.00. (SOLD). SEE LINK for more Pics. You may have a choice of a few other Tsubas rather than the one shown. First Come First Served. Not many of these katanas will be made.SEE MORE DETAIL ON TSUBAS.

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Newest Dragon Katana. Custom Engraved, 29 1/2" 5160, Carbon Steel, Differentially Heat Treated Blade. Blade Engraved with Clients Name ( In Korean ) on one side & Dragon on the other side. Solid 1/4" Copper Tsuba with Two Hand Carved Dragons. 11" Tsuka with Black Leather Wrap. Saya - Elm Hardwood Natural Finish. SPECIAL ORDER - (SOLD). Ask about a similar Custom Katana to your specifications.

Clients Name in Korean Custom Carved on Blade. Matching Dragon from Tsuba Engraved on opposite side.

We also can do Special Carving on a Sword You Own. A Clients Special Order Custom Carved Text on Blade. Roses border each end and a Celtic Cross Carved on Pommel.

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